Making Your Composite Appointment

Go To:

Click: Make a Composite Appointment (Middle Red Button)

If you were on the Composite Last Year,

"Log In" (Enter the Email Address & Password you entered last year - DO NOT REGISTER AGAIN).

Then Click on "Go To My Info" and make corrections to your information if needed.

Press: Submit

If you are a Pledge, New Associate, HSC Student or have Never Been on the Composite,

Click on "Register" - Enter your Email Address & Password (set by you)

Enter address (Home address where you live please), email address and phone numbers requested.

Then, Add Parent Address & Email info or you can do this when you come to the studio/Shooting Location.

Please Be Sure to pick «Organization» as your Organization - Very Important

Press: Submit


Click on "Select New Appointment" (Use Drop Down to find desired Date and Appt Time)

Once your Appt time is selected and you enter Submit, Your Appointment Date and Time should show in the right hand corner in RED and you will receive a Confirmation email on your Appt Time.

Health Science Students

Shootings are sometimes held in Different Cities / Different Shooting Locations. Your Organization Contact will/has notified you about Shooting Dates and Shooting Locations.

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