1. Go to (This is the same website where you Registered and Made your Composite Appointment)
  2. In the second box on the right that says "Make A Composite Choice Here" enter your Customer ID# (Find on your Email Proof) and your Last Name, click Submit
  3. Scroll through the images until you find the one that you want for your Composite pose / picture (Should be on Roll 00001, a Greenery Background (or Greyish background, whichever your Organization has chosen). Make sure your Comp Choice is in the center box with the thin red frame around it and hit submit.
  4. You will receive an email confirming your Composite Choice.
  5. Please Make your Composite Choice by the Comp Choice Deadline as indicated on your Proof Email form. Once your Composite Rep submits your Assembly Paperwork, Campus Composites will make choices for those who have not entered a Comp Choice, whether before or after the Comp Choice, even if it is before the Comp Choice Deadline. Please make your Composite Choice today.
Questions, Call Campus Composites or your Organization Rep.

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