Custom Cropping of Prints

Normal Cropping: All images are automatically cropped from the bottom to fit the print size ordered. You can easily customize the crop on your images when ordering online.


  Normal                       5x7                        8x10

Custom Cropping: (From Order Website)

On the Order Website (, once you enter your Customer ID# and Last Name, you will see all/most of your proofs. Click on "Next Step", Make your Choice of Package(s)/AlaCarte Print(s) and you will be asked to choose your poses and match them to the print sizes. At this time, you will have a choice of Custom Cropping your Image(s) by pressing the Crop button below the image.

There is a visual, step by step display on How to Crop an Image. Please take the time to view this display before cropping pictures. Here are the steps on how to crop your images:

  1. Draw a Crop Box
  2. Position it as desired
  3. Click create image to review your selection
  4. Click Save to Photo to crop just this copy of your photo
    Click Save to Pose to crop all copies of this photo

    Click Cancel Crop to start over

Note - Crops will stay in print size proportions.
           Crops MUST Stay within the Edges of the Image

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